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British expatriate Ben Goren is a political-science graduate and essayist. He was born in Afula, Occupied Palestine, but his family relocated back to the UK when he was two years old. After completing a P.G.C.E. in further education, Ben moved to Taiwan in 2000 as an economic migrant and to broaden his horizons. After about five years in Taiwan Ben began writing regular letters to the Taipei Times and running his blog Letters from Taiwan. During this time he was also active in Taiwan’s music and arts scene, building a now discontinued portal to collate information and promote events called djtaiwan.org.

In 2007, Ben enrolled on the Master's Degree in Taiwan Studies at National Chengchi University and about the same time he began writing editorials and think pieces for a number of outlets including American Citizens For Taiwan, and the University of Nottingham China Policy Institute blog. During the course of completing research for his Master's degree thesis, Ben interviewed former Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian, who was at the time in prison. After graduating in 2010, Ben intended to return to the UK to begin a Ph.D. in Comparative Constitutional Politics but financial restrictions prevented him from taking up the position he had gained. Instead, he joined a local private company working in the field of dental device distribution. Whilst working, he has continued to write and publish editorials with the Taipei Times and in 2017 began as a contributor for Middle East Sight, interviewing notable politicians such as Hanan Ashrawi and Hneen Zoabi.

Ben is a consistent advocate of social, political, and economic justice as well as championing programmes of truth and reconciliation, transitional justice and penal reform, including ending the ‘War on Drugs’ and the ‘War on Terror’. His interest in the Middle East comes from both his origins in the region and his desire to see democracy and the rule of law constrain what he regards as the divisive and violent legacies of imperialism, and ethno and theo-nationalism that have caused such destruction across the MENA area and, via the refugees created, have created global knock on effects, one of which is arguably the resurgence of far-right fascism in Europe and North America. His area of specialty lies in the constitutional and democratic politics of Taiwan, the UK, and Palestine. He does not support any government, party, politician, or cause unconditionally. Ben writes in the hopes of giving voices to people(s) far less privileged than himself and seeding ideas that may help shape the debate and provide inspiration for others to build upon and improve his ideas. His full resume can be found at bgoren.com.



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