Clémentine Laucournet was born on July 1994. Following high school, she's undergone hypokhâgne which confirmed her interest in literature, yet she decided to switch paths during the same year. A short break from studies allowed her to engage in work and travel. Later, she settled in Lille, France to study Political Science. Clémentine received her bachelor degree in 2017 from Lille II University. While she learned much about politics, she also understood her motivation for a professional path focusing on International Relations. She moved to Paris to pursue a graduate degree from ILERI, prior to specializing in International Security and Defense.


Clémentine was involved in politics in parallel with her studies. For several months, she worked as a legislative assistant, which supported her educational background and her passion for the wheels of a State. Since adolescence, Clémentine was a political activist fighting against every kind of social injustice: economic, sexual, cultural, etc. 


Laucournet is always on a move. She travels frequently since she was a child. She lived in Miami and she is currently living in Beirut. She is a competitive ice skater and soccer fan especially when her two favorites teams Brazil and France, are on the field. Above all, she always enjoys having a glass of wine chatting about the latest news.

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