We're an independent non-profit magazine covering geopolitics, human rights and social justice issues in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Our Mission

To offer independent journalists and researchers a platform to freely publish their thoughts and analysis  on the Middle East and North Africa. 

Our Vision 

A region where every writer can publish their work in the right place and at the right time.

Our Values


Free and independent journalism is at the core of our work. We stand behind our contributors' right to express and publish their opinions and thoughts with zero restrictions. We do not tolerate any pressure exercised on any of the contributors to withdraw or amend their publication prior to or after publishing. 

Collaboration beyond borders 

We are exclusively run by volunteers connecting and working remotely from their country of residence. Their contribution is priceless. We value the intercultural nature of our work and promote dialogue and information sharing across borders. 


Nonprofit integrity 


We do not work for lucrative purposes. Any funding or financial support will only serve to sustain the infrastructure of the magazine. We reject any conditional support and ensure that contributors are not financially incentivized to publish their work. 


Promotion of Human Rights

We are vocal about human rights violations experienced by people across the Middle East and North Africa. Inspired by international law, the principles of human rights and democracy are at the center or our mission to promote and raise the most marginalized voices from the Middle East and North Africa. 

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We’re an independent, non-profit magazine covering geopolitics, human rights, and social justice issues in the Middle East.​​ We are fully run by a network of volunteer contributors and analysts. We count on our donors and supporters to help us grow. Learn more.

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