Maxime Tessier

External Relations Officer

Born and raised in Paris, France, Maxime Tessier is a graduate student in Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris, specializing in cultural policy. Culture is a passion of his in its most institutional forms, but also its most human and natural expressions. You can always find him either in movie theaters, at art exhibitions, museums, and cultural events, or meeting and engaging with people to discuss fascinating new subjects. When he isn’t out absorbing what he can of the arts, he is constantly catching up on current affairs to feed his interest in international relations and the “fake news” epidemic.  

Maxime is also a backpacker who enjoys discovering the world on his own. He believes that meeting and interacting with different cultures and traditions can remodel one’s beliefs and convictions. To him, culture lives within the habits and beliefs of different groups of people, and sits unnoticed until being discovered.

He has always sought authentic information inspired by human experience, especially by engaging with people from different countries. He believes hitchhiking breaks the formal aspect of an encounter with a stranger, so as to provide a vision unlike any other of the place they travel across together. It gives him a better understanding of the daily lives, expectations and experiences of all that had the courage or pity to accept him into their cars and personal spaces. He considers all of his travels to be a kind of field journalism and explorations into human nature.

Maxime considers the Middle East to be the global center for issues pertaining to international relations nowadays, as a result of which, fundamental rights have been sacrificed and swept aside to clear space for political stakes. As an External Relations Officer for Middle East Sight, Maxime is always on the front line and ready to share and discuss with people who have things to say but haven’t found the means to express them. He is the intermediary who has for a mission to find people with stories to tell, and make them take part of the journey.

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