Abdennour Toumi


Based in Paris, Abdennour is a France and Maghreb correspondent for the ArabDailyNews.com,  research analyst and coordinator, CASD (Arab Studies & Development Center in Paris), and Humanitarian Analyst Contributor: L’IRIS (Strategic and International Relations Institute) think-tank.


Contributing essayist on Taiwanese, UK, and Middle Eastern politics
and culture for a number of online publications. He tweets at @BanGaoRen.

Clémentine Laucournet


Political activist Clémentine Laucournet is a French student from ILERI (Paris), where she studies international relations. Laucournet got a bachelor degree in political science from Université Lille II. 

Damien Saverot


French with Lebanese/Syrian origins. Researcher on French jihadists networks and political Islam in Europe. Also teaching on the Arab Spring.

Hannah Ziegler


German academic of European Studies with a focus on philosophy, literature, and politics.

MSc in Business and Development, refugee volunteer, francophonie aficionado, and specialization in social entrepreneurship in North Africa and Asia.


Political scientist by studies, sports commentator by passion. Former experience in public and private sectors.

Lara Haddad


PhD in Immunology, academic, wife and mother. Happy wife, happy life!

External Relations Officer

Maxime is always on the front line and ready to share and discuss with people who have things to say but haven’t found the means to express them.


Human rights researcher and social justice advocate with extensive experience in advocacy in humanitarian and development contexts.

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