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Samir Chalhoub


Samir Chalhoub is a Lebanese human rights defender and political researcher based in Beirut. He's a holder of a bachelor degree in community organization from the Saint Joseph University of Beirut and is a postgraduate at the Institute of Political Science. Samir is engaged in several social movements advocating for the rights of vulnerable and marginalized communities including refugees, children, migrant workers, and LGBTQI+.

2013: Samir joined the international nonprofit War Child Holland to work as a psychosocial support facilitator for Syrian children following the Syria outbreak. He later becomes a trainer on psychosocial support in emergencies.

2015: He kept close relations with the Dutch NGO as a communications consultant to then join a private school as head of student affairs. During the same year, Chalhoub joined Noursat to host 'Upload', a daily show for youth around sociopolitical issues.

2016: He was hired by the University of Balamand as a coordinator for co-curricular programs for its Faculty of Health Sciences mandated to motivate and engage students and faculty in community engagement programs.


2017: During an offensive against extremist groups at the Lebanon-Syria borders, deep tensions have risen between refugees and the host community catalyzed by biased media. As a result, Samir produced and hosted a talk show 'Displaced, But' around issues and realities faced by Syrian and Lebanese populations. He launches a nonprofit online magazine, Middle East Sight, covering local and regional politics and human rights developments. The magazine is currently run by several volunteer contributors. In the light of social and political instability, he pursues his graduate studies in foreign policy and international cooperation at the Institute of Political Science, during which he develops a particular interest in international law and international relations theory.

2018: Samir joins World Vision, an international humanitarian, development and advocacy organization as policy and advocacy coordinator for Lebanon with a focus on the child rights portfolio at the national level.


2019: He becomes the campaign and political adviser to Joumana Haddad, a writer, prominent advocate for human rights and freedoms as well as a candidate to the 2018 parliamentary elections who initially won her seat but was reportedly victim of a falsified vote count.

2019: Samir is now leading advocacy for the Danish Refugee Council/Danish Demining Group in Lebanon, focusing on protection, economic recovery, social stability, and risk education. 

Until date, Samir is committed to creating a positive impact on youth and addressing the challenges they face. He is invited as a moderator, guest and motivational speaker on different occasions. He firmly stands for the rights of marginalized communities and groups subject to chronic neglect or discrimination.

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