A Salute to Women

June 29, 2017


I want to quit my job…Every day I decide that I want to quit.


I will wake up smoothly; I will make more time for myself, for my home, for my family. I will take all the time I need to look prettier; to take a relaxing bath, to screen the closet and decide what to wear. Then I will figure out how to pamper my kids and my husband; what will I prepare for lunch or where we will spend the weekend. I will be the perfect housewife.


Every time I decide to quit, I feel super positive and energized. I wake up early, go to work, manage all my duties and have enough time for leisure. I know that without my job, I will be miserable. Without my job, I won’t have ample energy to accomplish all my tasks. Without my job, I will stay at home and ruminate: “What my life would be like if I had a job. What my life would be like if I was independent. I would wonder if I could be able to work hard and sacrifice my serenity and satisfaction”. In reality my job is a booster. It allows me to feel the happiness of being able to be a successful housewife despite my fatigue. It gives me my free space, my own entity. It is true that it drains my energy, yet it satisfies my ego and my pride of being able to accomplish multitasks in a timely manner.


Of course I am not so contented. I make a lot of mistakes, I run in all directions and I suffer from lack of sleep. I wait till everybody sleeps, to enjoy silence, for I feel desperate for tranquility. However I am thankful for this routine. I find that being a housewife is far more difficult than being a working mom. A housewife, in fact, does not have the free time to explore her capacities, to dig into her talents, to elaborate her critical thinking. Even if you are the most adventurous and funniest lady, the daily housework, and fulfilling your kids’ needs will transform you into a passive, bored, lost person. Your negative vibes reflect on your surroundings. You always find yourself waiting, and weighing down the hours. You wait for your husband to come back home at night and give you news that makes you smile, or dream. You wait for your kids to grow up and have their own life so that you can start yours. But it’s only then, that you will find out that it is too late and you won’t be able to go out of your comfort zone.


Every woman can manage her time. There are a lot of things to do and all moms are busy all the time. The same lady will be extremely busy without a job, with a job, having one kid or two kids or even more. Each new event in her life, whether positive or negative will be welcomed with determination and squeezed to fit within the long days.

A salute to all women. No matter whether they are housewives who try to change the world from their home, or working ladies who try to make the world healthier. A salute of respect to all women who daily try to overpass the standards to create a better world.
















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