Cry of Joy!

July 21, 2017

It is certain that it is very difficult to make someone smile. It is very hard to spread the joy and make it a little more than transient in the heart of the people.


In general, we have the tendency to sympathize less with the happy persons. We find it complicated to share happiness. For us it is more convenient to stay away, not to participate in a pleasure, not to interfere in a celebration or a festivity. Maybe because we know or we think that it will not last long or maybe because we prefer to protect ourselves from a moment of satisfaction... Is this all that, for us, the well-being, the pleasure and the laughter, luxuries that we are not allowed living only if we have fully suffered before? Or if we certainly know that we will suffer thereafter? Are these cheerful events rights that we must claim after each difficulty? Couldn’t they just be natural, daily, and constant?


Certainly, it is simpler to have compassion with the suffering. It is easier to cry with someone, or to testify a drama or to participate in a grief... for we will come out as winners; winners against the fear, winners against the pain and sadness. And this will give us a greater satisfaction and will make us stronger persons, more conscientious and more knowledgeable.


The people admire and even sometimes envy the pain of the others. The people are eager to see an agony, a hurt among others. They thrive to watch sometimes, with a lot of cold blood, the bitterness or the torture of the others. I can imagine them sitting in front of their television, watching a "reality TV show” live from a concentration camp. They will support few prisoners, will judge others. But what is sure, it is that they will wait each evening for a new episode to see who will be beaten, judged, or sentenced to death. This will give them a feeling of revolt or will calm their appetite and their hunger of knowing that some of these prisoners will be punished again. On the same time, they will find a way to understand the guards and justify their aggression sometimes.


Why is it necessary to give preference all the time for the suffering on the happiness? Why could we not share our joys more easily than our calvaries? Why is it that important that the entire world around us know that we have suffered, that life was just unfair to us?


We know already very well how to impart our sorrows, to reduce them, to attenuate their effects and to prevent them from lasting for a long time. Why don’t we learn how to share our joys for they will intensify, increase, double and spread around us? Happiness is so contagious, that we will be able to cry of joy!

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