FIBA Asia Cup: Almost Quarter Finals

August 14, 2017

BEIRUT - August 14 is the opening date of qualifications to the quarter final phase. For two days, eight teams will be competing for the four remaining places alongside Australia, Iran, New Zealand and the Philippines.


Teams competing are China, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Syria, and Taipei.


Beirut Time GMT+3


Game 1: starts today at 18:30 facing two challenging opponents in Asia Basketball. These are Japan and Korea, known for their speed and shooting capabilities. It is expected to be an exceptional game that can hold a breath until the last second.


Game 2: starts at 21:00 with Lebanon versus Taipei. In the group phase of the cup, Lebanon performed better than Taipei in most of the fields: assists with a difference of 34, rebounds with a difference of 7, block shots with a difference of 5. In order to reserve their place in the QF, Lebanese players should continue playmaking.


Game 3: planned for tomorrow, August 15 at 18:30 with Iraq versus Jordan. In the group phase, Iraq scored surprising results. The team lost against China for 1 point, and when comparing statistics between Iraq and Jordan, one can be certain that the game will potentially be interesting, which will be concluded on the last minute.


Game 4: also planned for tomorrow,  August 12 at 21:00 with China versus Syria. China is now worth 80, while  Syria stands on 72, which predicts that Syria needs to invest extra efforts to reach the QF.


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Overall, all four games will be interesting to witness, with an ideal timing for families and children to join and watch live from the court. This international event could not repeat itself in Lebanon, which is the chance for every Lebanese and foreigner in Lebanon to enjoy the show at Nohad Nawfal Stadium. One can spend a whole day for one ticket and enjoy the Fun Zone that gathers attendees around a stage with a DJ and a giant screen, more than 10 kiosks with a variety of delicious food, a network gaming area, and merchandise to show your support to your favorite team.


On another side, a streetball competition is always on the move in addition to a shooting competition.








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