An Insider Look on the Henri Chalhoub Basketball Tournament 2017

October 10, 2017

The Henri Chalhoub Basketball Tournament (HCBT) organizing committee was able to accomplish, for the third time, a tourney that was held at Chiyah Forum Stadium.


Seven teams participated including Antonine, Beirut, Byblos, Champville, Homenetmen, Louaizeh, and Mouttahed. 


Henri Chalhoub was the founder and president of the Franco-Arab Insurance and Reinsurance Union, known as the UFA. He spent his childhood in Egypt, before settling in Lebanon in the early1960s. Chalhoub passed away on October 25, 2013, at the age of 80. 


The first and second editions of HCBT were celebrated by Byblos club.


The third edition of Henri Chalhoub basketball tournament (HCBT) was very stimulating especially with the participation of two new joiner clubs from the second division, with one of them reaching the finals.

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Supporters were cheering for Homenetmen, and others cheering for last addition to the first division: Beirut Club.The third tourney, recently held, was won by Homenetmen stealing the win from Beirut club in the last five minutes.


Warm ambiance at the court from the start of the game till the 35th minute, Beirut Club imposed their own tempo. It was during the last five minutes, and with the help of Ismail Ahmad besides his teammates, Homenetmen was able to steal the win from the purple team.


Within the first three games, Al Riyadi has shown an outstanding performance.The team won two games and lost one. The group ranked in the fourth position with five points, one point gap from the holder of the first position. The first round isn't over yet, Al Riyadi Beirut still has four games before making sure of the position that they will hold.









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