LGBTQ+ : We Must All Go Beyond

After the forced cancellation of Beirut Pride for some "suspicious" events, and the fact that more generally in many States spring brings Pride, it has become complicated not to talk about it. Let’s put things clearly, LGBT+ is not a homogeneous community even though they are all gathered under the same flag. Their fight is for sure the same which means to be recognized and to enjoy the same rights than heterosexuals. Indeed, there is some kind of contest and contempt between them, lesbians and gays don’t share the same values. Maybe their lack of solidarity is the biggest weakness that prevents them to be considered as equal with other people.


Lebanese transgender man holds Lebanon Pride flag/Getty Images


This is just a fact, not a justification to help homophones discredit what must be an international value. Let’s see beyond «love wins». No matter if you are gay, lesbian or straight, you are a human being first. We all are. Different shades of love always existed forever. LGBTQ+ is not a lifestyle nor a trend. It’s about being yourself and proud of it. Homophobes must stop referring to God or the fear of what the society might think about this community. Because, yes, we are living in an insincere world, we are all cowards in front of the other because we are all different. And this is the beauty of our world. So let’s assume who we are and what kind of person we want to be. What do you want to leave for posterity?


No one can preach a lesson to another. In fact, there is a better place to live if you are LGBTQ+ than another. I guess Lebanon is not one of them. But the hazard is anywhere and can touch anyone. The United States represents the world of freedom but at the same time, most of the massacres happened over there. So yes, equality is a luxury that few countries can afford - but the fight is worth it. It begins with LGBTQ+ because we are in 2018 and it’s not about modernity, just honesty. 


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