English Magazine from the Middle East Launching on June 15, 2017 – Founder’s Message

June 8, 2017




It is with feelings of pleasure and enthusiasm that I put into your hands the youngest of all online magazines coming from the Middle East, Middle East Sight.


For centuries, the Middle East has been a region in constant mutation. The area has served as a battlefront, but also as a space for negotiations, peace talks, economic and social growth and so on.


Middle East Sight is where journalists, researchers, and professionals carrying interest in Middle East affairs are welcome with open arms to look through or contribute to the magazine. We pledge to respect the freedom of writers to express, share and advocate for issues of public interest. We are engaged in respecting and speaking loud for vulnerable and marginalized communities. Indeed, opinions matter now more than ever before. It is our duty as witnesses to analyze and speak loud.


Middle East Sight is launching as a non-profit magazine and shall remain so. We regret being unable to accept promotions of businesses in our literature, yet a space for advertisers will remain available for existential purposes.


In closing, I would like to thank the magazine’s first contributors: Damien Saverot, Elias Jahshan, Jonathan Bentsen and Lara Haddad for their continuous efforts and time while expecting little in return. You are a true inspiration. As for our new dedicated readers, I thank you on behalf of the team for trusting the Middle East Sight. Please connect with us whenever the chance is there. Meanwhile, the technical and fundraising teams will be dedicating their potential to enhance your user experience and the quality of our threads.


We are more than glad to hear from you from time to time, anytime.


Yours truly,



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